Online Mooc Class 2020 Summer

This course introduces students to the fundamental aspects of fashion design. How to build research and fashion narratives to design a collection. Students are introduced to the subject of fashion and all the various methods and techniques involved in the fashion design process. The course encourages students to begin to articulate a personal narrative and visual language as a designer. Students are guided through projects and exercises that are designed to build a fashion design style, understanding and artistic expression. Students create visually stimulating research concepts. Experiment with color, texture, and material. Explore designing through college as a method to generate fashion designs. Gain the opportunity to develop creative fashion outcomes and skills that they can then apply to their future career and learning portfolio. At the end of the course, students will have individually created a fashion project and collection inspired by their own research, inspiration and design ideas. Students will have strengthened their fashion design process, skills and created a fashion project of creative work to put into their portfolio of work.


Jasonpaul McCarthy

Academic Director | WeDesign

Former Director | Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design

MA Fashion graduate | Royal College of Art

What will I Learn

  • Learn about the fashion industry and key players
  • Understanding the fashion design process
  • Develop visual communication skills through various design processes
  • Develop fashion research skills through design development and final presentation
  • Develop a personal fashion identity as a designer
  • Understand the fundamentals methods of designing a fashion collection
  • Understand how to develop and present a top art school portfolio and project

Value & Highlights

  • Learn about the fashion industry and key players.
  • Faculty from the World’s Top Design Schools
  • A dedicated classroom translation and TA Small class for personal learning
  • Live classroom exercises and demonstration Personal feedback and progress development
  • World class faculty project reference Letter
  • Access to join the WeDesign Global community
  • Learn remotely anywhere in the world

Who is This Course for

  • Students who want to develop and prepare a stronger portfolio to apply for their dream schools
  • Students who want to improve their fashion design skills and expertise
  • Students looking to develop inspirational fashion outcomes that they can then apply to their future projects and portfolio
  • Students who want to include a competitive edge and improve their artistic content within their portfolio of work
  • Students who want to receive guidance to refine and curate their portfolio to showcases their strongest skills and unique creativity